I do not know how many people would agree but I am of the opinion that no matter how much constrained your pockets are, it is still possible to dress good and look sharp. If you thrift (KUMABHERO) the better, even if you still want to go the shop way there are some $DOLLAR shops in town with some really cool stuff.


In this post we shall talk about methods I have employed in making my budget work for me but still maintaining a sharp look.


A flat cap is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front. One would say why add a semi-formal vintage cap to a casual outfit but I feel like you should NEVER WEAR A LIFELESS OUTFIT, ADD SOME FUN IN YOUR OUTFIT and OWN YOUR LOOK. That flat cap cost me: $5



White never goes wrong and those who wear it send a message of smartness and calmness. Keep your whites white and you will always win the smart look you crave. Printed apparel is cool but nothing beats a plain white t-shirt. White t-shirts will blend with most if not everything in your wardrobe. That white t-shirt cost me: $3



Accessories have of late became a must-wear on my outfit and I love to keep them like that, a must! Accessories removes the plainness in your look and adds that classic touch and that attention to detail will sure go a long way in enhancing your look. On me everyday I have an anchor bracelet which symbolizes how deeply grounded I am in my principles and a sun bracelet to affirm that I need light in my life. That set cost me: $5



I love to say this every time, the value of what you carry is shown by the bag you carry it in. Of late I have been investing in bags and that collection is getting bigger and you will be shocked by some cool deals you get from the bag sellers in town. Have a bag that closely matches your style, do not let your outfit be ruined by using the wrong bag, yes there are wrong bags. I have seen a guy wearing a suit with a satchel…DO NOT RUIN YOUR OUTFIT BY CARRYING AROUND THE WRONG BAG FOR THAT RIGHT OUTFIT. That bag cost me: $7 only



If you are of African descent you can agree that in our society the value of an outfit can be judged just by looking at your shoes. Does this mean you should have a new shoe every time, NO!, just take proper care of that one pair you have, wash it regularly and if it needs some polish make sure you get it, that will give your shoe a longer lifespan . That shoe cost me: $15



This one speaks directly to all my brothers out there. You should own more than one pair of socks for hygiene purposes, even two can be enough! NEVER REPEAT A PAIR OF SOCKS BEFORE A WASH. The idea of repeating socks really cheapens your outfit and the look too. Be hygienic and be smart. Invest in two durable quality belts, one black and the other brown, those two are easily interchangeable with any outfit, provided the belt matches the shoes. I sell the socks for: $2 and the belt cost me: $5


Winter Gossip!

I woke up today and i must confess it must have been one of the most coldest mornings i have endured but hey its winter such mishaps are bound to happen.

Winters are not the real problem, the problem comes when you run through your wardrobe and you find nothing that can conquer the weather that day, instantly your mind tells you to visit a thrift shop (kuBhero) to pick one or two winter items.

Today we will bust the myth that says: If you love an item that does not fit you can just have it adjusted, the following are elements to consider when buying clothes this winter,especially clothes that you buy with the idea of adjustments.


Before you buy: Check for 2-3cm of inlay if you want to extend the legs. For cuffs, you need lots of material; a 76cm inside leg needs 9cm extra.

Do not even think about adjusting…the waist more than 5cm – the pockets will be out of position.


Before you buy: Whether its economical to change the sleeve length depends on the cuff buttons. If they function, it will need to be altered (expensively) at the shoulder.

Do not even think about adjusting…the shoulder themselves.


Before you buy: Consider buying too big than too small, as sleeves are easier to shorten than lengthen.

Do not even think about adjusting…the chest, as it is largely unalterable.

Feel free to add some of the elements you think can be considered in the comments section.

Make a Lasting Impression Fashion Wise…PART 2…

  1. White never goes wrong

A clean, white and crispy white apparel is just a show-stealer. It sets you apart and you stand out from the crowd wearing whites. A person who has white in his outfit never goes wrong at all times. It is a widely known fact that a lot of people fear white clothes and the bold ones who put it on regularly are the smart ones in the eyes of the society and for the record put it on a couple of times in its clean, white and crispy state you will kill it on all impressions; first, second and last.

  1. Be prepared

Do not just randomly throw things over your body just because it is made of cloth and it can cover your essentials. Pay great attention to what you wear and always dress to show that at least you were prepared and you took careful consideration when you chose what you are wearing. I will pardon those who leave the house because it is on fire or the building is collapsing but if everything is under control you should show an element of order and preparedness, this will go way long and people will honor and remember you for your attention to detail. I have seen a lot of people fail at interviews for jobs they deserved to get but lost them just because they went there dressed like they had just survived a whirlwind. Together we shall help each other say goodbye to the days when we did not know we could use fashion and a touch of lifestyle to get everything we want…I mean absolutely everything?

Photo Credit: iamtherealnesto
  1. Layer with caution

Yes it can get cold at times but guys this is a real cause of concern and I will be straight to the point, LAYER WITH CAUTION and if you are still not sure just lose the layer. Layered clothing is a term describing a way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. Just like any other general fashion rule we have just seen being broken,layering is not bad at all it actually has been known in fashion circles for a long time now even though the modern trends are way cooler. When you decide to layer please do it wisely, for example, we never want to see that t-shirt you layer below your dress shirt, those black leggings or tights popping below the hem of your jeans and that stacked layer of neck chains that always make you look like either you selling necklaces or you use your neck to hang and store your neck jewelry.

Photo Credit: iamtherealnesto
  1. Add an element of surprise

In part 1 we talked about minimalism and assuming you have mastered the art of a minimalistic look it is now time to add value to your style by adding just one piece to your clothing that will be a total element of surprise. This will not take away the minimal look rather it will elevate your style and fashion bar and even if people will not remember your outfit they will remember that touch of surprise you added to the game. Some of the surprise items that I have admired are classic tie bars, elegant cuff-links, lapel flowers and pins, patterned bow-ties, classy earrings, designer handbag or clutch bag, fancy lipstick and an original timepiece.In the image below my element of surprise is a lapel flower:

Photo Credit: iamtherealnesto
  1. Dress for first class

Our dressing should never reflect our paychecks our pay slips should. You can look classy on a budget if you follow most if not all of the tips shared from part 1 and part 2 of creating a lasting impression. I always confess that people`s sense of dressing has really changed and people are dressing with and for class. Never let people judge you because of your lack using the way you dress as their alibi. You should dress and look expensive because even if you are not at the mean time you are just going to be rich anyway. To dress with class I will be able to help you get what you want,for gentleman I have good offers for you to buy at House of Gentlemen and ladies too at House of Ladies.

First Class
Photo Credit: iamtherealnesto

Feel free to comment and add other ways you think one can use fashion to make a lasting impression. Our Tuesday Tues-a-Topic will be on send message basis (+263 783 613 131) and is open to you guys to request a topic you wish to be covered.

Make a Lasting Impression Fashion Wise…PART 1…

Psychologists say that when meeting someone for the first time, you only have about 7 seconds to make a powerful impression and, “You won’t have the second chance to make the first impression!

Each and every one person really has that one thing that they wish they had or they wish they could keep and with this series we shall help each other on how to use fashion as tool to get whatever you want or to keep whatever you already have. In this blog post we are going to discuss how to make an impression that will last using the power of fashion.

  1. Know your size.

Small, medium and large are just vague ranges do yourself a favor of making an effort to know your real size. For the longest time I too was in the zone where when asked what my size was I would just quickly shout “medium!” and i always ended up with a regular trust me you are not alone. There is more to a snug fit than what meets the eye. You do not want to be remembered as the gentleman who seemed as if he was hung in a black blazer or the lady who almost made the dress explode because it was too tight, you would want to be remembered as the person who had a snug and tapered look. An example of a good fit is a suit from House of Gentleman`s Brand ambassador below:

size 44 fit
Photo Credit: iamtherealnesto dressed by House of Gentleman
  1. Know your skin tone and chose colors wisely.

We are all graced with different ethnicity thus different skin tones. One should be able to pick the general spectrum of colors that fall within the range of their skin tone. Great caution should be taken when it comes to colors otherwise we end up looking like total jerks. However this rule is not set in stone and experiments are quite welcome because generally we should all one day conquer our fear of color.



Photo Credit: Effortless Gent
  1. Be minimal.

When choosing clothes it is in my personal view for one to stay minimal. Among fashion`s most celebrated golden rules i personally like the one that reads: SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION. The more you go too heavy on your clothes that’s the more people tend to miss the special elements of your outfit. We should all be remembered for the good things right, please do not assist in making people have a fading impression of yourself. The more minimal you appear the more people have the chance pick the smallest of details and you would have created a lasting impression in their minds.

  1. Do not overexpose.

I was reading about Angelina Jolie one day and this caught my attention. Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps. Otherwise, where’s the mystery? “Choose one-only one-body part and show it off,” advises Jen Rade, Jolie’s stylist. “If it’s cleavage, don’t show your legs. If it’s your legs, stay covered on top.” To gentleman a buttoned down shirt is a cool style hack but do not button way too much that we end up seeing the rest of your belly. A little skin showing is not a sin but it should be done with loyal caution and at all cost do not overexpose rather keep your audience speculating for more.

5. Accessorize carefully.

Accessories are a good way to add value to your outfit. When carefully executed the accessory move can be a great game changer for you. Different accessories include but is not limited to shambalas (hand bracelets), watches, rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings, tie bars, cuff links and anklets. Careful consideration should be employed when putting on your accessories. My advice to those who have many shambalas (hand bracelets) is that they should wear them interchangeably rather than put all your collection in the hand, you can put each different one every day and that will actually send a signal that you have a lot of then because of your mindful rotation and it will add value to your style. Having more than 2 bracelets in one hand takes the concentration away from the whole outfit as your bundle of bracelets is now the focal point because it too “busy”. Similarly to piercings, just because you have 5 piercings on one ear does not mean all of them should have earrings, one is enough and we definitely will notice. The example below shows hand bracelets crafted by: Ms Reeds

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-29 at 19.06.03
Photo Credit: Crafted by Ms Reeds